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In 2011 I was fortunate to find my vocation for teaching working in a small ski school in the Swiss Alps. Since then my passion has provided me a rewarding career as a ski instructor and ski instructor trainer/examiner. 


I am a fully qualified ski instructor, holding the top certifications from Italy (AMSI), Canada (CSIA), Ireland (IASI), and New Zealand (NZSIA). I am also a current Demo Team member and senior examiner for the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance (NZSIA), as well as a current examiner for the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI).  


I hold the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) development level race coach and the CTT Euro speed and mountain security tests. 


My work throughout the year includes teaching privately a wide range of guests of all abilities, while also training and certifying ski instructors for the Rookie Academy, NZSIA, and IASI.


My forte is in training skiers to attain their maximum potential and I am fortunate to work as a trainer in one of the world’s most renowned instructor training company, The Rookie Academy working with them in New Zealand and world wide. 


My YouTube channel ‘Josh Duncan Smith’ is where I regularly post videos demonstrating ski techniques. Two of my most popular series's are the 'How To Ski' and 'Ski Tips In A Minute' series.  


My experiences within the snow sports industry to date have given me a unique perspective on how to get the most out of my guests, both privately and in the instructor training world. These experiences include being selected for my 3rd term as a member on the NZSIA demo team, placing in the top 25 of the Hansol Korean interski competition, fore running the Carve technical ski championships, making the finals of the 2017 and 2019 Hokkaido technical ski championships, winning the 2015 Whistler technical ski championships, and all the while continuing to teach skiing year round in both hemispheres.  


I am a global ambassador for Carve Sport, Fischer, Zip Fit, Komperdell, and SHRED optics. 

Ski Qualifications:

NZSIA demo team member and senior examiner 

AMSI Maestro di Sci 

IASI level 4 and current examiner

NZSIA trainers certification

CSIA level 4 certification

BASI level 4 technical certification

CTT speed test and mountain security test  

NZSIA level 3 certification

CSCF development level race coach

NZSIA children teaching certification

NZSIA freestyle level 1 certification

BASI level 1 and 2 certification

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